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Pre-College Consulting – Stepping Stones to Higher Education

Pre-College Consulting

Initial Interview
*The initial interview will  be conducted with the student and parent to discuss goals, expectations and future plans.
* We will discuss the types of programs and schools available dependent upon GPA and family budget for college.
* We will evaluate all standardized exam scores including SAT,ACT, PSAT, AP, SSAT, PLAN and ISEE.

Follow-up interview
* Research requested and appropriate universities which best matches the students goals.
*Provide a presentation of university lists and college information.
*Assist with essay writing, application and mock interviews for college visits with admission counselors and/or college alumni.
* Provide possible scholarship information.
A comprehensive packet will be provided for each university requested.  Packets include university information, tuition, financial aid information, telephone numbers, boarding information, possible internship or apprenticeship programs, college tour information and requirements for university admissions.